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Ranunculus Macros | Northern Virginia Photographer

My husband and I have  always had a running joke in our relationship.  He’s Mr. Practical and therefore never really bought cut flowers for me early on in our relationship.  He always bought a potted plant.  The reasoning was that the cut flowers die so quickly where as a potted plant would keep on giving....

New Offering – Art Prints!

My roots in photography are actually planted in nature.  I started my journey all those years ago with landscape and macro photography.  Once my son arrived (and we moved back East) my focus shifted to little humans and their keepers.  However, now and I again I yearn for something different – to stretch my creative...

P52 Week 13 – Lines

This week is about lines.  My first thought was about leading lines – lines that draw you in or lead you through an image.  Then I thought line of sight – subjects in the image looking off one side or another making you wonder what they see.  I settled on lines as texture in an...

P52 Week 10 – Photographers Choice

This week was an open week – photographers choice.  We were encouraged to go out and try something different vs. using something from the archives.  I spent some time working on macros!        

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I'm a young family photographer specializing in maternity, newborn, and family portraiture.

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