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Newborn Safety | Ashburn Newborn Photographer

I’ve had a few questions on some of the images I’ve posted recently (like – how’d you do that?!) and thought it a good time to speak a few on newborn safety.   You’ve seen me post a few times about SIB – our StandInBaby that share custody with Fluttering Shutter Photography.  One of the primary...

StandInBaby | Fairfax Newborn Photographer

Given that I only take a limited amount of newborns a month (2 maybe 3 depending on the due dates), I end up having some gaps between them (when I’m editing mostly) but it also means that in order to keep my skills sharp and help our sessions move as efficiently as possible I need to “practice” in between shoots.  Up till now I’ve been using one of Lia’s super floppy baby dolls and it works okay.   It helps me hone my poses but it has its limitations.  It just doesn’t articulate like a real baby.

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