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Those everyday moments…

As a child I was always carrying a camera.  Roll after roll of 110 and 35mm film were dropped off for 1 hour processing followed by the thrill of opening up that envelope to see what you really caught. Being young there was no thought to composition or lighting or any kind of technique really, we were just taking pictures of what amounts to non sense.  It was just me and my friends hanging out, playing, being goofy etc.  None of the pictures were posed or even really thought out and yet they’re some of my favorite pictures to look back on.

There’s a place for formal portrait photography for sure (or else I wouldn’t have a business:)).  They are the ones that you print out nice and big and put on your walls.  They are the ones you put on your holiday cards and send to your friends and family. But there’s a second type of photography that’s more in the moment, capturing memories as they happen in real life – snapshots.

These snapshots are important.  They are the pictures that you’ll look back on years from now and laugh at the memory it digs up or cry at the emotion it stirs.  They are the pictures you’ll build your scrapbook or family yearbook from.

There is a movement right now for professional lifestyle photography and I fully support it.  It differs from those portrait sessions in that it does exactly what I’m saying above – captures the moments, the mundane, the silly – your family at that moment in time.  However, your life extends beyond that one session – every day is an adventure and I personally try to pick up my camera for a least a few of those days a week.  I make sure I keep it out and handy so I can grab it at a moments notice and in the chances I can’t get to it the camera on my phone is a great stand in.

Now, I’m not advocating pushing a camera in your child’s face 24/7 or spending so much time looking for the moments that you forget to actually live them. But I am encouraging you to not seek perfection in your images and accept that wonky is okay when it comes to capturing your family memories.  Some of the best and most memorable images are the ones that are technically flawed:)

Sophie is 9 – A Camping Themed Birthday!

I love birthday parties!  What’s not to like? Good food, fun games, and sugar!!  But, you know how it goes.  You plan and plot and scour the internet (or your own head if you’re one of the lucky few with that creative gene) for ideas.  In some cases planning your child’s birthday is right on par with planning your wedding when it comes to how much we stress.  Then, as the event unfolds – everything is perfect but you’re so wrapped up in execution (and hopefully enjoying your event) that you forget to take any pictures of your hard work.  Well, don’t let that happen to you.  Hand off the camera to a friend or family member and make them the designated picture taker!

I was happy to be that designated picture taker for Sophie’s party!  Her mom did an awesome job on all the details of her camping themed party – from lakes side setting to the fleece blanket favors to the s’mores cupcakes and the wooden cake tree (Homegoods is your friend!).  She even had a few little a-frame tents set up for decorations. The whole thing looked like it stepped straight out of a magazine!

Judging by how fast my kids crashed after they got home (we only came home as the sun was setting!) I think a great time was had by all!


Taking time to exist in photographs…

Being the “mom tog” I’m always the one behind the camera and rarely ever in front of it.  And the off chance when my hubby does manage to  pry the camera out of my fingers I cry that I’m too chubby or my hair’s not done or that I’m not dressed for pictures.  I could come up with 100 excuses and I’m sure you can too but I’m here today to say that it needs to stop!

In 10/15/20 years your kids won’t care that your hair was a fright or that you were too heavy.  They won’t see that tired look in your eyes or that your socks don’t match.  They’ll look back on the images and see their mom – in all her mom glory – exactly the way they remembered her all those years ago.  They’ll see her doing the things she enjoyed and enjoying her family.

So, I’m asking you to take the time to exist in photographs.  Hand over the camera, use a timer, whatever you need to do to be in the picture with your family.


Sweet Little G…

Recently I had the honor of spending the morning with Mr. G and his adorable sister.  He was such a sweet baby and after the whole first half of the session being swaddled he finally let me get him into some of the fun bare baby poses.  We were even able to get their pup in a few of the images.

Some mums really worry about not having  sleepy baby during our sessions.  For me it’s just part of the fun.  Some babies don’t want to sleep and that’s okay.  We can get equally adorable shots if their wide awake.  I bring along an assortment of wraps and covers for cases such as this.  A swaddled baby can become a sleepy baby pretty quickly.

Your best shot however at ensuring a super sleepy baby is to book your newborn session in the first 10 days of life.  At that point they’re all about sleep and go back down pretty quickly with a full tummy and some swaddle, shushing, and swaying.