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Snow Day!

This winter has been a long cold one with very little snow. For the kids of the neighborhood it’s been rather disappointing. This weekend however delivered both great show and beautiful weather to be out in to enjoy it. We spent hours on the big hill, breaking in the middle for naps and some coco and then a group went back out for another few hours. In the end we had exhausted and sunburned kids that slept like rocks that night. And the freezing chill promptly blew back in the next day.


hockey in the snow snow covered boy carrying the sled learning to board playing in the snow sledding down the hill silly giggly girl

Happy Birthday Little Boy!

My oldest turns 5 this week! To celebrate we met up at the local VFD for his party. Although the weather was non-cooperative and the firemen were actually called out right at the start of his party, they arrived back just before we wrapped things up. A few of his friends braved the snow and celebrated with him.

birthday cake boys paying attention blowing out candles kids watching demonstration faces in the equipment boy in the cab of the truck fire truck fire heros