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P52 Week 13 – Lines

This week is about lines.  My first thought was about leading lines – lines that draw you in or lead you through an image.  Then I thought line of sight – subjects in the image looking off one side or another making you wonder what they see.  I settled on lines as texture in an...

What to wear: Spring Sessions!

I get a lot of questions about what to wear when coming to a family photo shoot.  I always like to say “just come as yourself” but that’s not always enough for some.  I’ve put together two style boards to hopefully spark some ideas.  In general it’s great to coordinate but not exactly match.  Stay...

P52 Week 12 – Centered Composition

I’m running waaaay behind on my P52 project!  I’ve been shooting but not necessarily along the theme.  So, I’m trying to catch up.  This week (2 weeks ago!) was all about centered composition.  Generally when you frame up a picture you want to follow the rule of thirds (nutshell: draw a three by three grid...

P52 Week 11 – Negative Space

This week’s prompt was about negative space.  When I first started photography I was all about filling the frame with my subject and while that has its place, I needed to find some variety so I started reading up on negative space.  Negative space is the area which surrounds the main subject in your photo....

Enjoying the time change!

As the time changed and gave us more evening light, the weather finally broke which means everyone made their way out of the woodwork!  Our neighbors were kind enough to let the kids jump their energy out on their trampoline!  

New Toys!

I’ve been wanting to upgrade camera bodies for a while now but never really had the push to do so.  A increase in photo shoots and a nice tax return means I could finally take the jump.  These are the first shots off the camera the night I got it.  I’m in love!

P52 Week 10 – Photographers Choice

This week was an open week – photographers choice.  We were encouraged to go out and try something different vs. using something from the archives.  I spent some time working on macros!        

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