Ranunculus Macros | Northern Virginia Photographer

My husband and I have  always had a running joke in our relationship.  He’s Mr. Practical and therefore never really bought cut flowers for me early on in our relationship.  He always bought a potted plant.  The reasoning was that the cut flowers die so quickly where as a potted plant would keep on giving.   So,  when he comes home from Home Depot with a new plant I smile.

This time he came home with one of my favorite flowers (unbeknownst to him) and of course I had to drop everything and have a good play with my macro tubes and the flowers.

It was pretty sunny out still so I put them on the floor in the front room and pulled out my massive reflector/diffuser.  It was just the perfect amount of light for the flowers.

I have an obsession with flowers that are layers upon layers of petals.  Ranunculus, dahlia, zinna’s in particular.  Their concentric layers of petals are so interesting to me.  Watching the at various stages of unfurling and how they change daily make me want to just keep taking picture after picture.

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