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Sweet Little G…

Recently I had the honor of spending the morning with Mr. G and his adorable sister.  He was such a sweet baby and after the whole first half of the session being swaddled he finally let me get him into some of the fun bare baby poses.  We were even able to get their pup in a few of the images.

Some mums really worry about not having  sleepy baby during our sessions.  For me it’s just part of the fun.  Some babies don’t want to sleep and that’s okay.  We can get equally adorable shots if their wide awake.  I bring along an assortment of wraps and covers for cases such as this.  A swaddled baby can become a sleepy baby pretty quickly.

Your best shot however at ensuring a super sleepy baby is to book your newborn session in the first 10 days of life.  At that point they’re all about sleep and go back down pretty quickly with a full tummy and some swaddle, shushing, and swaying.