Yes, I look like a sherpa…

When I arrive at your newborn session please don’t be alarmed, I’m not moving in I promise.  In home posed newborn sessions require some equipment (vs. lifestyle newborns which are much more minimal) and I like to be prepared when I arrive on site.  You’ll see the following:

1. large puck style beanbag – for a place to lay the baby on
2. two rough totes full of blankets, props, and clean up supplies (puppy piddle pads, paper towels, baby wipes etc.).
3.  1 to 2 flotaki rugs – nice and fuzzy for fun pictures on the floor
4.  A basket or two, maybe a bowl depending on the space
5.  A backdrop stand
6.  My lighting kit – while I prefer natural window light I do come prepared in case we’re struggling in the light department.
7.  Space Heater – warm babies are happy babies
8. Camera (2 bodies, 2 lenses) – duh:)
9. Sand bags – to hold the baskets and backdrop stand
10. and a partridge in a pear tree…

It may seem like alot and it is but preparation is key to a good session.




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