The Golden Hour….

My favorite time to photograph is what we like to call “the golden hour”.   This time is the hour or two just prior to sunset and the hour or two just after sun rise.  During this time period the sun is lower on the horizon and casting longer shadows.  Also, as the name suggests, it’s casting a golden (and sometimes red , pink, and purple) hue to the sky.

While it’s possible to photograph at other times of day most photographers will try to steer you towards those fringe hours in order to take advantage of such beautiful light.  Can you blame us?

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The golden hour is not specific to just portrait photography – landscape photographers are just as taken by the beautiful light it can produce.  I spent a long time photographing landscapes during those hours and have folders and folders full of sunsets – my favorite subject until I had children.

La Jolla Cliffs Sunset 20 Lakes Sunset Duck Surf



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