Feature Friday: Welcome to the World Stellan

Y’all, this dude turned the big O.N.E just a few weeks ago (that’s how far behind I am with blogging).

He’s my brothers second little human and just the most lovable chunk you’d ever meet. Except, on the day of his pics, he was not having it. We joked that he has FOMO even as newborn but that seemed about right.

He was not about sleeping if were there making noise and having a good time. So he made me work for these shots.

It’s a good think I’m his auntie and that I love him so! We persevered and spent most of the time wrapped but he did finally conk out. We then worked fast to get as many shots as we could before he woke again.

This snugs actually lives 5 hours from me all the way up in PA. But, we just couldn’t not do newborn photos so I loaded up my mobile studio and headed north.

In home or in studio, I have an option for everyone. Interested in booking your newborn, click here.

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