Feature Friday: Sweet Shy Princess | Ashburn Family Photographer

When I first met this adorable little gem she was a fresh little newborn all snuggled up with her momma. Even from that age though you could tell she was going to have her momma’s beautiful copper hair!!

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of watching her grow from a toddler into this adorable preschooler with the most mischievous smile (and that crazy adorable tongue peeking out, which was a new trick just for our photos apparently).

Each year it takes less and less time for her to warm up and give me those adorable smile. It helps that we’ve figured out tricks and jokes that make her laugh every time.

And can we applaud momma for those outfits! What a beautiful combination of colors and patterns. If you’re stressing about what to wear, I’m here for you! I love helping my clients plan and source their looks for their sessions!!

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