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If you’ve read through this blog or know me in person at all you know we (hubby and I ) started as landscape photographers.   We’d spend weekends lost in the backcountry of California seeking out every grand vista that we could hike to.

That all changed for me the moment my little man was born.  My attentions shifted from the outside grandure to his adorable little face.  By the time Lia came along I was a lost cause.  It was all kids, all the time and I was a happy momtog.

I know my time is numbered with them being willing subjects.  The ever elusive boy-child you see below gave me a really hard time just to get what I did.  Thankfully mini-me is still all about pretty dresses and pictures.

You’ve heard my stories on Facebook where she comes up to me asking for a pretty dress and pictures and I’m always one to oblige.  Some mom’s shop with their daughters, others cook or build stuff.  Me and Lia – we take pictures.  That’s our bonding time.

We were chasing the light around the back yard for these ones.  I never thought the sledding hill would turn out to be an amazing photo back drop but it’s positioned in such a way that the setting sun catches her hair just right. And if I work the angles right I can keep the houses at the top of the hill out of the picture!

With the boy-child it takes a little coaxing (I was promising the world) but I just had to document those missing teeth.  I had big plans on getting him dressed in something “him” and taking him out to a jungle gym or something but in the end we just hung back at the house and I’m happy with that.

I didn’t even bother to fix his hair (or clean his face for that matter haha).  I wanted images that reflected him in all his 7 year awkward missing grill glory.  So, despite the lack of fancy outfit and stunning backdrop these are perfect for my mom heart. Even the ones where he’s trying to taekwando my camera:)

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