Feature Friday: Fall Family by the Lake | Aldie Family Photographer

I’m incredibly lucky to have such a beautiful photo location right next to my house (literally, it’s a 5 min walk) and it has such yummy evening light (morning light too actually).

This year I opted to do a bank of fall mini’s at the lake in addition to my normal ones out in Hamilton. I love this because it gave me a ton of flexibility in scheduling since this fall was crazy wet and had my schedule in all sorts of chaos.

I’m very thankful this family choose me to capture their adorable little dude. Mom said she wanted lots of his beautiful little smile and we made sure to oblige.

That tree behind them has to be my favorite spot for family portraits. Every year it flushes this beautiful orange/yellow and just glows as the evening sun filters through.

It’s never too early to get on the calendar for fall photos. The schedule tends to start booking in June and is often full by August. If Fall’s not your speed, summer portraits are beautiful in their own way. Reach out today to book!

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