My Little Princess | South Riding Child Photographer

There is an earthen dam that closes off the one side of our neighborhood lake.  Across that lake is a beautiful field that grows over in high grasses in the summer time.  I was out there a few weeks ago taking photos of the horses that live at the top of that field and as I turned around I was inspired by how the light reflected in the grass and the beautiful glow it gave off.   So, of course I grabbed my little model and headed back a few days later.
The light this night did not disappoint!  The grass was glowing and the backlight created the most beautiful halo’s around Lia’s head (notice the headband to try to disguise her missing bangs from a botched self haircut a few weeks ago).
She’s quite the ham and for every 1 nice face I get 10 goofy faces.  I wouldn’t have it any other way though. That’s my Lia!  In every session I do, be it with my littles or yours, I work really hard to try to catch your child at their true self.  Those goofy giggles or serious faces are an outward expression of who they are inside.  I can look at the images of my Lia and recount every time she’s made that face and the memories that go along with it and I want that for you too!

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