Sweet Ava is 6 Months | Chantilly Child Photographer

I just can’t believe sweet Ava is already 6 months old! It feels like just yesterday that I was doing her newborn pictures and soaking up those new baby snuggles. Now she’s sitting up like a champ and just on the brink of crawling. They grow sooooo quickly.
Her momma and daddy braved a blistering 95 degree day – even at 5:00pm – for our shoot. Unfortunately, little miss was done after about 10 min.  Fortunately, we were just a few min from my house so we took a brief respite in the air condition. Then we ventured out into my backyard to continue the session. You don’t need to be anywhere fancy – backyards work great!!

Despite the heat this little girl was a champ and had the best smiles!  She did make us dance for it but in the end, she smiled the best for my little boy who happened to join us while we were in the backyard.
And since we were already at my house and needing to cool down again after a few min outside, we fired up the lights of my studio and finished out our session in the nice cool confines of my basement.  I even pulled out a few of the adorable rompers I have in my collection to see what would work for sweet Ava.

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