Little M is 2 Years Old! | Ashburn Child Photographer

I met this little doll when she moved into our neighborhood just a few houses away.  She we first met she was an itty bitty baby.  Now she’s an adorable and active 2 year old!   Her momma and I tried like heck to schedule her session for over a month but it just kept raining and raining.  Thankfully, since they live close, we were able to react quickly to a short burst of nice weather and sneak her session in.

Even though she knows me, she was still a little suspect of that big clicky thing in my hands.  So, it took a little while to get those beautiful smiles out of her but I’m so glad we persevered (we even had her momma doing cartwheels).  Seeing her face light up in a big belly laugh and smile makes all the sillies worth it.  That’s one of the things I love about being a child photographer – seeing a break through as the child relaxes and starts to have fun.


We danced, ran, played peek-a-boo, and just overall had a blast!  She opened up and started talking to me and showing me things.  We had our own little adventure along the lake and managed to snag a few beautiful shots in the mean time.


When picking a spot for your session we don’t have to go far or even go anywhere elaborate.  Parks are a great option but even your own backyard could work!  I’ve done many portrait sessions at the client’s home or even a crazy overgrown path just across from their house.

I do try to pick a spot that gives us a variety of options in our shots though.  I generally look for something with an open field, some open shade, and a structure (like a wall or building).  And while I LOVE backlit shots at sunset, sometimes schedules don’t allow for a 7pm shoot so we’ll work with what we have and search for open shade among trees or buildings (as we did here).


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