Throwback to Fall with the E Family | Loudoun Family Photographer

Looking back to this fall I was super excited when this beautiful family contacted me again for their family session!  I’d met them a year prior and we had such a blast that I was really looking forward to another evening with them.

The evening did not disappoint!  My face was tired from all the smiling and my stomach hurt from laughing so much!  I love love love when my families come into a session ready to have fun.  I tend to be a bit silly during sessions (you often have to be to get kids to smile) so when parents are ready to be fun and silly with me we just end up having such a great time.

We met up at the Barn at One Loudoun and spent a beautiful evening running and playing in the park.  Little K is a trip.  She made me work for the smiles but I have my tricks!

I love that Northern Virginia has so many beautiful places to photograph families.  This park in particular has so many fun nooks and crannies.  Perfect for a little Miss to explore and stay interested.

I know that asking a kid to sit still for a photography is nearly impossible (I know, I have two of my own that require bribes to sit for me).  But I’ve found that making games out of it yields so much more success.  As a family photographer I’ve worked with 100’s of clients to perfect this.

Case in point, this tube was the perfect place to play hide and seek with little Miss.  The family was on one side and I was on the other.  We played peek a boo and tag through the tube.  Even mom and dad got in on the action (did I mention I love this family – they are so willing to try odd and silly things with me).

The shots below were from the bottom and top of a huge grassy mound in the center of the park.  The image on the left was just after she rolled down the hill and was all smiles (it’s now an 11×14 canvas on their wall!).

Throughout our 60 minute session we were up on benches, crouching in the bushes, running down the path, and hopping like frogs.   There was giggling and snuggling; silly faces and some even some frowns (followed by a gut busting laugh).  The most important part (and the part I love the most) is ensuring that we’re having a blast while capturing some of those precious memories.

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