Feature Friday: Fall Family at Morven Park | Morven Family Photographer

Okay, so I’m perpetually behind in blogging things. These are from the past fall if you can believe it! Generally, after a photographer survives the fall family photo season, they need a months long break to recoup. Apparently I needed far more than that. But, better late than never!

I was so excited to work with this family this year! We’ve know each other for some time and my daughter is school mates with their youngest. We’d worked on dates and times for a bit until we landed when we did.

We headed to one of my favorite fall spots – Morven Park! Morven is a beautiful old historic property formerly the residence of one of Virginia’s governors – Westmoreland Davis. I spent a bunch of time reading up on the property when I first because a photography partner there and I’m just fascinated by the history.

The main lane here is flanked by boxwoods and old growth oak trees that create the most beautiful canopy and backdrop. It’s a popular place for photographers so sometimes you have to wait your turn.

But you can see why! So very classically Loudoun county!

Another favorite area is the iron fence at the bottom of the garden walk. Popular to frame up your subject it’s a great leaning, standing, or whatever spot. It’s featured in many of my images (and many other photographers in the area).

Mom did such an incredible job of planning these gals outfits! They complemented the fall colors so nicely and coordinated with everyone else in the shot. They even coordinated with the falling leaves.

And just for fun, we all did a wacky pic at the end. It’s actually a pretty spot on for how they really are when they’re not smiling pretty:) Just an all around fun family to work with!

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