Feature Friday: Welcome to the World Camryn

Prepare for an onslaught of cuteness with this little princess!! Her momma responded to a model call because I wanted to try out a few new set ups in the studio and I hit the jackpot. Not only was she so sweet and let me do most anything, her sister was cooperative and happy to snuggle up for photos as well.

I’d been experimenting with studio set ups that were a little more elaborate and layered as well as using a few digital drops that I’d made. When you do this, you need to actually plan ahead and shoot knowing you’re going to do that so that the lighting is right. By making my own, I was able to use the lighting pattern that I’m familiar with so the look is seamless.

After we did a few of those, we moved on to just having some fun. A baby tucked into some fluff and smiling to boot! I love photographing newborns.

After the baby in the bowl I pulled out new bucket that I’d been wanting to play with and dressed it up. She was so chill that we got to do all the fun poses and more!

In our conversations about styling and what not, mom mentioned that dad had a bunch of tattoos and then volunteered him for anything haha. I’m not sure he was fully expecting to be shirtless but he was a good sport about it. See, even Camryn agreed (gosh that smile was everything!)

I have one other newborn shot from yeeears ago where dad had a full sleeve of colorful art. I’ve never had a full chest piece too! I was so excited for this shot.

Then, we wrapped the session with big sister. She was so sweet with her little (3 year olds can be hit or miss about how gentle they can be so they always keep me on my toes!)

Anywho, looking for sweet photos of your babies! My studio is up and running fully and ready for you! Reach out today to book your newborn session!

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