Feature Friday: Summer Family Sessions | Aldie Family Photographer

These are some of my favorite people (I think I say that every time I post their images). I’ve worked with them since this dude was a newborn. It’s been YEARS! They live down the road in the same general area as us so we run into each other just out in public and I love that their kids will come over and give me a HUGE hug! (well, pre-covid times…now it’s just an enthusiastic wave!)

The challenge of long time clients is finding new and interesting locations to try with them. I have a few places that are big enough that we can do different parts of the area and have totally different images. This year we opted for an entirely different location. One I’ve used a bunch but they’d never been up to!

The fun part of this location is that it’s a huge park with earthen play structures. Holes in hills, gullies with beams to walk, fences and swings and a barn to boot! This place has it all and is a blast to walk thru and play.

These guys opt for sessions around their kids birthdays so we end up with a July/August session then a November session. In the summer we always start early to avoid the heat (have been since I was 9 months pregnant with Lia and tromping around the hills melting.) I love it because in one set of images they get to do all the summer colors and in the other set we do fall.

Mom and I laugh because we’re running out of color pallets to try each year. She’s old hat at this and usually finds something for little miss and then builds around that. Janie and Jack and Vineyard Vines are two favs of her and it never fails. They’re always freakin adorable.

There are a few must get shots in every single session. These close ups of their beautiful eyes is top on the list. It’s such a staple that it’s often the first or first set we do so we don’t forget.

Another must have are individual portraits of the kiddos, both close up and far away. I love looking back through the years as seeing how much they’ve changed and can compare them side by side.

Summer time is a great time to schedule your session! You beat the rush of the fall and can take advantage of all the pretty sun dresses and rich summer colors. Plus evening are long and the light is gorgeous! Reach out today to get your session scheduled.

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