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Stand In Baby
Photo Credit: Moffatt Photography

Given that I only take a limited amount of newborns a month (2 maybe 3 depending on the due dates), I end up having some gaps between them (when I’m editing mostly) but it also means that in order to keep my skills sharp and help our sessions move as efficiently as possible I need to “practice” in between shoots.  Up till now I’ve been using one of Lia’s super floppy baby dolls and it works okay.   It helps me hone my poses but it has its limitations.  It just doesn’t articulate like a real baby.

Well, a few weeks ago I decided to upgrade my doll and back a Kickstarter campaign that introduces a revolutionary new training tool called StandInBaby.    Sandra and Brendon Moffatt, two professional photographers themselves, have spent last last year or two creating SIB.  Here’s a snip from their website:

The world’s first, fully articulated, lifelike and camera ready posing and training aid, specifically designed for newborn photographers, by newborn photographers.  It introduces a new level of safety and education practices never seen before in the Newborn Photography Industry.  StandInBaby™ significantly accelerates learning, opens creativity and adds strength to your natural abilities, all while keeping infant safety at the forefront.

Photo Credit: Moffatt Photography

Now, instead of waiting for another newborn to arrive, I can work with SIB during my down time and perfect my lighting angles, posing techniques and wrapping techniques.  I can try out new poses and ideas without putting your baby at risk as I try to figure it out.  I’m super excited for my SIB to arrive in July.   Now…what to name her?

If you’re interested in a SIB for yourself you can purchase one today at the StandinBaby web page or join the SIB Facebook page for special offers (or to hook up with other SIB supporters in your area!).

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