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Choosing a newborn photographer can be overwhelming. There’s no lack of options in our local Ashburn area. With so many amazing photographers at just about every price point imaginable I encourage you to look at a number of photographers before making your decision. Of course, the price is a factor but I’d encourage you to first make sure you love their style and how they photograph. Then consider how well you connected with them (because you’ll be in their presence or them in your home for a few hours at least.) And then look at what they offer product wise.

I thought I’d take a few minutes here to tell you a bit more about me and why I’d love to be your photographer.

Newborns are some of my favorite sessions to do.  Nothing like spending a few hours snuggling a few days old little chunk and inhaling that awesome new baby smell.  It’s so rewarding creating images for those new parents (who are likely hazy with lack of sleep) to treasure in the years to come.  Newborns change too quickly in those first few weeks of life. I’m always amazed at how different they look even just a few weeks later when I swing by to drop off mom and dad’s images. It’s an honor to work with families during these times!

As a traveling photographer, it means that I come to you for your session! I bring all that I need including my beanbag, lights, and a tote full of blankets, wraps, and props. What this means for you is that as I’m working with your newest little one, you can take some time for yourself to relax and just sit (or nap, or shower, or eat…all things that don’t always happen when you have a newborn)

Each session is planned to highlight your individual family characteristics. We work together to plan colors and what elements to incorporate into the session. For example, if you’re a car person (like this little dude’s dad), we can work in car elements or even just favorite colors. I actually had a stuffie made for this session – a red Ferrari – his daddy’s favorite car!  I coordinated the red and blue wraps to both the car and his nursery (which was blue and grey).

I also like to incorporate you into the photos if you want to be there.  Of course, not everyone feels camera ready but I always encourage my families to at least get a few of everyone together.  Snuggling on the bed, couch or floor of the nursery are some of my favorites. Again, this time passes so quickly and much of it is a blur/haze. No ones has regretted having these images in their galleries (even if they weren’t up for it initially)

Lastly, safety is my top priority when working with your newling. I’ve spent countless hours studying newborn safety and practicing how to do each pose in ways that always keeps the baby safe. When using props there’s aways a spotter near by or a hand on the baby which means that many of the photos you see are actually composites (two images combined together so that I can remove the spotter’s hands). With two babes of my own I’m ultra sensitive to those mom feelings and never want you to be uncomfortable with how I’m working with your little one. Rest assured, they are safe and sound in my hands!

So, if you’re on the fence about newborn photos I’d encourage you to just do it. It may feel extravagant or unnecessary but I promise you won’t regret getting them done. I hear many second time parents lament about how they wish they’d done them for their first.

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