Beautiful Ballet Dancer!

Prepare for image overload!  I can’t help but share all of these because it’s probably one of my top 10 favorite sessions ever.  While primarily a newborn and family photographer, I sometimes get the itch to step outside my box and try something new.  Dance photography has always been an interest but my little dancer is only 5 – so while shoots with her are adorable, they don’t let me push the limits (of other than my patience…haha).

Last fall, a close friend of mine mentioned that her daughter had purchased her first pair of pointe shoes.  I casually mentioned that once she was comfortable with them, we should go out for some photos.  Her daughter is a beautiful dancer and I knew whatever we did would be amazing!

Well, fast forward a bunch of months after all the weather cleared and dance competitions had ended and we were back in touch about photos – and decided to do it quickly.  Less than a week from the conversation to the actual shoot.

I’d originally wanted a pancake tutu on her but given we picked a date so close to the present, I wasn’t able to get one here in time.  I attempted to fashion on myself but that was a huge fail.

However, things have a way of working out.  I actually preferred it without the tutus.  You could see her lines so much more cleanly with just a leo on.  Dance portraits are all about capturing the dancer’s beautiful lines as much as they are about catching an awesome leap in the air.
This is probably one of my favorite spots in the garden.  It was Mrs. Davis’s favorite spot too (she owned the mansion and property just prior to it being turned over to the foundation that runs it today).  It’s not hard to guess why it’s so loved.  All my families want their photos taken here too!  You just can’t go wrong.
And she was no exception.  This one below is my absolute favorite from the entire shoot.  She’d gone through a few variations of things and ended up just standing here in relevĂ©.  I told her to look down and just as she did I swear the universe heard and sent a quick breeze to blow her hair back just so.  She looks so strong here!
This brick path is another favorite spot.  As a photographer, you’re always looking for those leading lines to pull you into the photo.  This was the perfect spot to try to catch a leap.  It took a million tries to get her in just the right spot – leaping on the uneven brick in bare feet ranks up there with superhuman to me!

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