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So, I’ll just state this right now – I’m not a wedding photographer.  In my opinion it’s a different skill set than family portrait photographers.  However, when it’s a bunch of kids including your daughter you agree to take a shot at it.

The wedding of Q and U is the culmination of a years worth of school work and fun at Minnieland’s Montessori program.  Each year the class and the teachers put on the soiree to the enjoyment of all the parents.

This year my Lia was the Q in the Q and U pairing.  She was to marry her best buddy Nathan (who has curly hair just like her she proclaims).

Upon arrival the parents were directed out to the playground where the tent was decorated and the chairs were lined up.  The aisle was lined with a white runner and the chairs for the letters were all set up up front.

After a few minutes the “groom” (mr. U) was escorted down the aisle followed by Q (escorted by her daddy – ah..flash ahead to the future!).  Then each of the kids walk down the aisle dressed as their particular letter.  They each give a speech to Q and U and “gift” their letters to them.

At the end of the wedding Q & U get to slap a high five although when this pair tried they totally wiffed and then giggled hard about it.  At the end of the ceremony we all retired to the Montessori room for cake, light hors d’oeuvres, and pizza (because what kids wedding would be complete without Pizza!?).

It’s such a cute tradition and every year the teachers out do themselves.  The kids take such pride in memorizing their poem and get a kick out of the whole process.

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