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Blast from the past!!  I can continue to lament about how far behind on blogging I am or I can just knock them all out and reminisce.  So, the next few are likely going to be sessions from the end of last year or earlier this year.  They deserve to be seen so old or not they’re going up – haha.

This session is near and dear to me because those two kooky kids are my brother and sister-in-law!   I told them there was no freakin’ way they would get away with having a baby without posing for some maternity photos.  So, on a stupid cold day in December I drove up to Pittsburgh and we found a spot at North Park for a shoot.

It had been raining for a week prior to the shoot so everything was pretty much a mess and it was so incredibly cold but you’d never know from the photos.  They humored me for a few of the snuggly shots and then reverted to their goof selves for others.



For those that know me personally know that this is my twin brother.  For pretty much ever we were always Jordan and Lindsay – never just Lindsay or just Jordan.  We were ‘the twins’ because, I suppose, there weren’t that many twins in our town at the time.  So, as we grew up I always hoped that we’d walk similar paths to family and parenthood.   But typical Jordan fashion he did what he always did as a kid – he let me go first.

When I texted him to tell him he was going to be an Uncle he actually picked up the phone and called me back:)  (texting is his language…phone calls –  no so much). I could hear the excitement in his voice that he was going to be an Uncle (the “coolest uncle” he says).  Watching him love and interact with my littles made me so excited for his future kids.

You can then imagine my excitement when he nonchalantly said something about being able to share ice cream (or something as non-descript) with his little one in the coming summer.  It literally took me 5 min to catch on to what he said.  Over the moon was an understatement.

You’ll see pics of baby Maris in the coming blog posts (she will always and forever be “baby Maris” to my kids).  She’s an amazing little munchkin with equally as amazing parents!

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