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When we were little we were always outside – rain, snow, sun – didn’t matter. We were always outside getting into something. I’m so happy that as our neighborhood evolves, more and more outdoor kids are moving in and finding their way into my backyard and the backyards of the homes around us.

I also joke about a roving band of children working their way around the ‘hood but it’s totally true. There’s a core group of at about 6 kids that are regularly found either on the trampoline behind our neighbors, on the fort in our backyard, down in the drainage creek behind another neighbor or over on the trampoline by the lake. They are often augmented by another 6 or 7 kids depending on their location and the day.


I love that as Noah gains some independence and responsibility, I can let him be out in our yard or the neighbors yard as much as he pleases and then if he wants to see others it’s just a short walk for all of us to join the band of kids (doesn’t hurt that their parents are fun to hang out with as well).

I also love that the older girls are careful with Lia and try to include her as much as they can. They let her jump with them on the trampoline and involve her in tag and hide and seek in the yard. She gets to play “family” with them on the fort and they’re sure to push her on the swings when she asks. While she’s never outside without one of us present, I’m okay giving her some space to play with her friends.

They say it takes a village and I’m happy to say that our little neighborhood will be a fine village to raise our family.

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