Feature Friday: Winter Maternity

Maternity portraits offer a chance to celebrate the journey of pregnancy and document this special time in your life. Capturing your beauty and your belly in photographs can be a priceless treasure for you and your family. While outdoor winter maternity portraits can be challenging (hello mother natures wrath), I believe that winter is the perfect time for these photos. Here are five reasons why

First, The landscapes are beautiful with muted colors and a touch of frostiness in the air.  The gowns really pop and stand out against the muted colors and all the focus is on momma’s belly. Plus snow!

Second, the cooler weather gives us the opportunity to get cozy, layer up and snuggle to stay warm. Couples maternity in the snow is so much fun, there’s no asking them to cuddle, they already are!

Third, no bugs! Haha… Loudoun county has its fair share of summer critters and I love that in the winter we don’t have to worry about them at all. No mosquitos, gnats, or ticks.

Fourth, all my favorite venues look totally different adding variety for repeat clients. I’ve had some folks for over 10 years (2x a year for some) and we’ve had to get super creative with locations. Changing seasons creates variety.

Fifth, it’s just plain beautiful!  There’s something about the coming rebirth of the early to make maternity portraits in the winter so special. Perhaps it’s because one of my own babies was a winter baby, born just after a massive snow storm.

I’m continually amazed by how God brings beauty out of the unexpected. I love being a Loudoun county maternity photographer to capture these priceless memories for my clients during this special time in their lives. Ready to book your maternity session? Click here to request more information

Thanks so much for stopping by today! xo

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