Feature Friday: Fall Family Mini’s!

It was another great year of fall family photos! A few years ago I connected with the lovely ladies that run The Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyard and did my first set of fall family mini’s there. After 3 years of being there I think we can call this a tradition now. I love the grounds and the people that work there are so wonderful (and the wine is pretty awesome too!).

This is the only set of mini’s I run all year at this point. I’d experimented with a few different options over the years and this has done very well so I’m keeping it:) Mini’s allow me to fit in more families than I could normally with full sessions. They’re just long enough to get those holiday card photos and a few extras.

Here are some of the galleries that I’m allowed to share:)

[pp_gallery id=”3675″ style-id=”61d22eb0-e787-4ca4-99c8-a3b1a8826a96″]
[pp_gallery id=”3676″ style-id=”61d22eb0-e787-4ca4-99c8-a3b1a8826a96″] [pp_gallery id=”3692″ style-id=”61d22eb0-e787-4ca4-99c8-a3b1a8826a96″] [pp_gallery id=”3712″ style-id=”61d22eb0-e787-4ca4-99c8-a3b1a8826a96″]

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