Feature Friday: Fall Family Fun at Claude Moore

Claude Moore is one of those places that has a different vibe in every light. It’s also a place that has so many different spots to use that you can use it with the same family years in a row and have it look different every time. I, of course, have my favorite spots but also love exploring and finding new pockets of light here and there.

[pp_gallery id=”3618″ style-id=”61d22eb0-e787-4ca4-99c8-a3b1a8826a96″]

The best part of this shoot was 2 weeks before, I get a text from mom with an image of snip of hair and then a smiley little girl with her new do. A right of passage for all young ladies, she took to her own bangs for a quick trim. Thankfully it’s only hair and it grows back and is now memorialized in family photos.

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