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We took a short summer break last month for this 6 on the 6th blog circle – to be expected because of the vacations I suppose.  However, we’re back!  Showing off 6 of our favorite images from the past month.  Most of mine revolve around our vacation to Mt. Rainier (which I should share in a larger blog post at some point I suppose).  If you’re following me on Instagram you’ll probably have seen some of these.  It was an amazing trip, I can’t wait to do it again next year.  Maybe to Hawaii this time….

Once you’re done with my pics, take a hop on over to Elaina’s blog and continue the circle.

First up is a quick vignette from Lia’s birthday party. We went for a vintage pink and gold theme that was all girlie for her.

Next up was one very hot afternoon when the pool was closed and the only way to cool off was the hose in the back yard.  Thankfully kids don’t really mind either way – water is water and hoses are totally fun!

This one was the product of a few long hours sitting out in the cold waiting for the sun to set on one of our last nights at Mt. Rainier National Park.   I just couldn’t get over how massive the mountain was!

On our first night in the park we ended up camping next to the White River.  After we set up camp, we went for a walk down around the river bed.  The park does an amazing job of building and maintaining log bridges over the rivers.  Most of them are rebuilt every year due to flooding and washouts during the winter and spring.

And deviating from our trip, this one is my little Lia at her 4 year portrait session.  If you want to see more of those, have a look at this blog post.


And continuing the portrait trend, our last one here was from my family reunion just before we left on our trip. Steele here is a heart breaker! I looked at him and laughed when he flashed me his smile in response to me telling him he was cute.

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