Feature Friday: Sweet Siblings | Ashburn Family Photos

I was so excited to get to meet these guys this year! We’ve actually lived in the same neighborhood for 6 years but had never crossed paths! I find that wild since we’re out almost daily walking our dog and riding with the kids. But, I’m so glad they found me and that we had the opportunity to actually connect.

They joined me for my fall mini sessions out in Hamilton! This is the second year in a row that I’ve used the Barns at Hamilton Station as a backdrop for our fall mini’s and I love it! A client had found Susan’s beautiful venue and we’ve been connected ever since! (btw..don’t want to miss the release of this year’s fall minis? Subscribe to my newsletter because the announcement goes out there first!!)

If you’ve never visited the Barns, add it to your list of wineries to check out! The wine is delicious and the entire venue just adorable and comfortable. They have a 100 year old barn that is converted to a sitting and tasting room, a huge back deck that overlooks their lawn and at the bottom of the lawn is an adorable pond. There’s plenty of space to pull up a chunk of grass and enjoy some wine and food alfresco! They’re animal friendly too!!

Anywho, from the moment these kids popped out of the car, they were smiling and ready to go. I always worry a little with mini’s because we have such precious little time for kids to warm up (so, if your kid is a slow warmer, a full session may be more your speed) but these two had zero problems. They were pros at the smiling thing and ready to go.

These guys lucked out too because they had one of the later sessions that day and we could take advantage of that glorious golden light as it streamed through the trees! And you know the best part about sessions at a winery? A quick stop at the tasting room to grab a bottle for home!!:)

By the way, you don’t have to wait until the fall for family photos! The spring is coming and we have things like tulip farms and daffodil fields at our disposal!! Book now (my May is almost full already!)

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