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So you have a maternity photoshoot coming up! Like many moms, you’re probably wondering what you should wear for the shoot. Lucky for you, I’m here to help you figure that out!

When picking what to wear, you should decide what your style is. I have moms that want to wear jeans, boots, and a sweater, some that just want a sleek short dress, and yet others that want the full gown experience. Whichever you choose, I’m here to guide you on picking out the right outfit.

First, find something you’re comfortable in. Those last few weeks of pregnancy are not the most comfortable weeks for a lot of mommas. So, find something that makes you feel beautiful. Stick with solid colors or if you must have a pattern, a bigger pattern is better than tiny. Something a little tight to show off your belly or nice and flowy that we can pull around the belly. Don’t hide that bump, flaunt it!

Then layer up! Add accessories like belts and hats or scarves and long necklaces. All those pieces that can be added or removed will add variety to your gallery. If you need some inspiration, visit my pinterest board with more what to wear options for maternity photos.

Now, I’m down for just about anything you want to wear but if you’re wanting the gown look AND you’re a Kloepping Photography mamma – I gotchu girl! I have a closet full of amazing gowns for my clients usage from my favorite vendor, Sew Trendy Accessories.

They’re my favorite for so many of reasons, the least of which is that they’re just drop dead gorgeous! They’re heavy and well assembled and I’ve yet to find a momma that doesn’t look like a queen!!

Just 3 of the 20 or so gowns in my closet

Now, if you’re prefer to bring your own gown (or you’re not a Kloepping Photography momm:( ), I suggest having a look at some of these companies. I’ve had mommas with gowns for each of them and they were quite happy with their purchases.

Pink Blush

Pink Blush has an array of options from boho to sophisticated to glam! The three I have pictured here run the gamut. The pink one is very classically boho and comes and a variety of colors. It’s actually quite a popular style right now.

Light Pink Lace Mesh Overlay Maternity Maxi DressPinkBlush Burgundy Sequin V-Neck Sleeveless Maternity Evening GownPinkBlush Navy Off Shoulder Wrap Maternity Photoshoot Gown/Dress




Baltic Born

Baltic Born dresses are perfect for showers, photos, and even after. The three I have pictured here are just simple and beautiful. The teal one (#3) is actually a wrap dress that would work well post baby too

Caroline, Swiss Dot, Celine


Swiss Dot:


Other options:

I don’t have images for all of these but there are a few other places that I’ve had momma’s get gowns from.

Chica Boo maternity has a bunch of adorable options in both full gowns and separates. Their prices range from $40/$50 up to $200 or so.

Sexy Mamma Maternity was one I recently learned about and once I got past the name, they actually have quite a bit of cute stuff.

Amazon (use as a last resort only!). You can certainly find gowns on Amazon as well – just search Maternity Gown for photoshoot. I will caution you though, the quality is not always there and I’ve more than once received something that did not look at all like what I ordered.

Now, remember, if you’re a Kloepping Photography momma you don’t need to worry about purchasing a gown! I have a closet full of them for your use!! Are you ready to book? Let’s do it!

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