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Being a photographer that works primarily in natural light doing maternity, newborn, and family portraits I don’t actually have a formal studio.  For my maternity and family portraits we’re often outside at a park or urban area and making the best out of what nature can supply lighting wise.  For my newborn clients I come to you so that you can relax in the comfort of your own home while your baby has their first photoshoot!

This is as close as I get to a home studio - my dining room
This is as close as I get to a natural light home studio – my dining room

Every time I get a hankering for a formal studio I’m reminded by a client that it’s such a nice thing to not have to bundle the baby up and take a road trip.  While it would be easier for me to not have to lug everything around, it’s a small effort in comparison to birthing a baby:)

Being in the comfort of you own home means that if you want to take a nap, then take a nap in your own bed.  Want to take a shower?  Take a shower in your own bathroom.   I can’t count the number of moms that were appreciative to be able to take some “me” time while I had the baby.  All I ask is you leave me some milk or a binky so we can continue on our merry way.

pullback using natural light

Additionally, I like to see babies in their first 10 days of life so that they’re super sleepy and easy to pose. However in the first 10 days after birthing a child you’re probably still recovering – even if it was a super easy birth you’re still adjusting to the hormone swings, sleep deprivation, and new routine. Believe me, I’ve been there – twice!  There will be a time when you’re itching to get out of the house but probably  not in those first 10 days.

pull back with studiolight

I have many clients that worry about the lighting or the space logistics of their home.  You’d be amazed at what I’ve made work.  I like the challenge of different lighting situations and spatial logistics – it’s a fun puzzle to figure out how to get everything to work.  I’ve not had a case yet that we failed.

I do come prepared for all situations.  So when I arrive we’ll take a walk through your house to see where the best spot is and then I’ll get to work.  I have lights with me always and I’m not afraid to use them!  Sometimes it’s a super dreary day or there’s just not enough natural light to make it work so we’re covered in either case.

Pullback of a newborn session

And finally, in those instances where we do need to shoot inside and can’t find a suitable location or yours is just not ready for company, I have set up a small “studio” in my basement.  It’s not glamorous and it’s often littered with toys or the latest thing my kids cook up but it works in a pinch and it let’s me play around with lighting during my slower times.

And my little studio in my natural light so we make do with studio lights.
And my little studio in my basement…no natural light so we make do with studio lights.


So you see, I’m a portable photographer!  Equipped for pretty much any situation which allows me to cater to you and your needs as a new parent my goal is to make your photo sessions (newborn or otherwise) as stress free and enjoyable as possible!

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