Sunrise at the Lake | Ashburn Family Photographer

This groups is a perfect example that it doesn’t actually have to be fall for your fall family photo shoot.   Nor do you have to wait for the evening for great light.  This was a session in August and was done at 9am!  You’d never know it was almost 90 degrees at 9am.  These guys were troopers!

Beautiful Family

I also love love love that they brought their beloved pets along with them for some of the shots.  Pets are so much a member of the family as well and fully deserve to be part of the family photo!  No worries if they’re a little rowdy, that’s half the fun!  A few treats, some laughs and giggles and you have an awesome family photo.

handsome boy in blue

I get a lot of families that have never done family photos before and don’t know what to expect.  Many are nervous actually (not these guys!!  They were naturals).  I tell them that the best thing they can do is bring the fun!  I like to laugh and joke around – with kids that’s the only way to get a genuine smile most of the time.

family fall photos

You can still get those “traditional” family photos with everyone looking but you also capture those knowing glances between mom and dad or the silliness that defines your family (like siblings tickling one another and laughing).  It makes me so happy to hear comments after the session like “that was painless” or “that was so much fun” or even “my face hurts from laughing so much!”  I know if I hear those, editing the session is going to be a breeze!!

Sibling photos

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