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Now that holiday cards are out and distributed I can share some of these fall sessions more widely, yippe!!  This group of beautiful people are friends and neighbors!  I’ve actually worked with them before, you might recognize that beautiful little girls in the photos as Miss M and her 2 year old session.

Fall family photos

I love the colors that she picked for our session. The eggplant color (the women agreed it’s eggplant, the men/boys swore by purple..) was the perfect complement to the boy’s darker hair and eyes.  I really love how it looked on them (did I say that already?  it really did look striking)

K Family Photos 2

What you may not realize is that these colors also actually coordinated with their home decor.  See, when you plan on a big canvas on your wall you want to be sure the colors will actually work in your room.  Just like picking out any other piece of art!  Prior to our sessions we talk about where you plan on placing these images and how you want use them so we can build your photo session around those usages.

K Family Photos 3

Another thing that we plan as we do your session is to build a cohesive yet varied set of images that would perfectly coordinate when you display them in your home.   Whether it’s as a canvas or framed gallery on your walls or a family photo album, having images that flow from one to another and have a similar look gives the entire thing a complete feeling.  Stay tuned for more information on my new offering – gallery walls!!  Pre-packaged canvas groupings perfect for your walls! All you have to do is pick which grouping and what images you want up.

K Family Photos 4

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