As we’ve found our steady state with Covid in our lives I’m reopening my studio and starting to take in newborns and sitter sessions here in my home studio.

There are a few important things to consider when reopening the studio since it is in my home. The follow information is to set your expectations and what to expect when you visit.

General Notes:

  • Session attendees are limited to those being photographed only. For newborns that’s generally mom and baby and possibly dad/sibs.
  • KN95/N95 masks are required when we are in the studio when you’re not being photographed. I will have one on the entire session (both in-home or in studio).
  • Photographer will use hand sanitizer or thoroughly wash hands before and after each session as well as during the sessions periodically.
  • High touch surfaces (i.e door handles) will be cleaned and disinfected between sessions.
  • All fabrics and outfits are laundered immediately following sessions. Headbands, hats, bonnets, etc. are hand washed and sanitized.
  • HEPA air filters will be in use prior to, during, and after the sessions. There are two that will be running – one in the lounge area and one in the shooting area. These have filters that catch down to .012 micron.
  • Long zoom lenses will be used to allow for social distancing and directions/adjustments will be verbal (not hands on) during outdoor sessions. Indoor portraits we’ll direct as much as possible. Newborns we will be hands on.
  • With a goal of “maximum work in minimum time,” we will work quickly and as efficiently as possible to keep your time inside to a minimum.
  • Photographer will be Covid tested prior to your session.

When you arrive:

  • Text me when you arrive and I’ll come up to meet you and walk you around to our back entrance so you’re not walking through the house.
  • When you enter the studio I’ll ask that you use hand sanitizer and keep your mask on unless you’re being photographed.
  • PLEASE – if you feel ill at all, contact me to reschedule. I’ve eliminated my reschedule fees and policies for the time being to allow for maximum flexibility.

And of course, if you have any concerns or questions do not hesitate to ask.