Baby Loeff | Ashburn Newborn Photographer

Back in May I have the honor of photographing this beautiful boy! He was anxious to join us early side and arrived a few weeks before his due date.  However, that was a blessing in disguise.  At 36 weeks he was born weighing 6lbs and a few oz.   They say that the babe puts on about a pound a week in that last month so simple math tells us that he had the potential to be a 10lb baby!!

His momma is my sister-in-law’s sister.  When Cate asked if I could drive up to Pittsburgh to do his photos I didn’t hesitate.  “Give me all the babies” was my reply I think.  Haha.  So I loaded up my bean bag, a tote of drops and props and my lights and headed north.

He was a great baby for his first modeling gig.  Awake for the first 30 min or so but so chill.  It doesn’t always happen that way.  But he was just happy to be wrapped up and chilling out.   Eventually he fell asleep and we got to work.

We quickly moved through the various poses and set’s that I’d brought.  This little dude didn’t mind anything.  He barely even fussed when I moved him from one position to the next.  I’ve had a string of easy newborns lately (and of course I’m going to jinx myself now…haha).

One of the great parts about a newborn photographer that comes to you is the fact you’re in your own home and comfort.  At one point I turned around to see his momma and daddy snoozing away on the couch.  Loeff and I just plugged along and let them catch a few z’s.

If I had to pick a favorite of the set it would be these two (although I love every image…).  I love the grey against the blue and how peaceful he looks.  You can even see how red his hair is (it didn’t always read red but it did in these last two like it does in real life!).  Newborns are some of my favorite sessions. They’re a ton of work and I’m exhausted and sore after but they’re so worth it!  They change soooo quickly and you’ll never regret recording those early days!

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