Our newest addition | Ashburn Pet Photographer

I never fancied myself a pet photographer. But, when you bring a new puppy home and she’s just flippin’ adorable, well, you just have to set up the studio and try for some photos.

When we started talking about a puppy I was envisioning a newborn shoot with wraps and sleepy puppies. However, life has other plans. Our pup was nearly 6 months old when we got her to well past that sleepy squishy newborn phase (just like human newborns which are best photographed within the first 10 days of life)

Never one to back down from a challenge, I used my sitter set ups and came armed with a hoard of treats. She was surprisingly willing to plop in the bucket provided I let her chew on the edge.

Don’t let the calm pics fool you. She was non all that cooperative after a bit. The headband was the last straw. She left it for 3.5 seconds before thrashing wildly and pawing at her head to get it off. I’m glad I got the few that I did with the band as I think they’re freakin adorable.

She’s so smart though puppy phase is so tiring. She’s a sleeper but also a chew’r and a pee’r. She’s so quiet that telling us to go out often goes un noticed until she’s peeing on our feet with a sheepish look on her face. It’s really hard to be mad at that adorable little face. Plus she’s so quick to apologize and snuggle you can’t stay mad for very long.

I may have just found another service to add to my portraits:) Anyone want to bring me their pup for a session?

As a reminder I have 1 more open spot in June for a newborn and 1 for a family. Then not again until August. It’s not too early to think about Fall portraits!! Those few weekends fill up quickly!

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