Sweet Sisters | Ashburn Studio Photographer

Years ago we were anxiously waiting to see what type of family would purchase the vacant house right next to ours. We took bets and hoped. We put messages out into the universe to send us a fun young couple with young kids (or soon to have young kids). Well, the universe obliged and sent us Lee and Kim:) . Young and totally adorable and newly married. It didn’t take long to become best neighbors (because they’re totally fun!)

Though they didn’t have any children yet when we moved out of the neighborhood a bit later, we stayed in touch (Facebook is awesome that way) and a year later when they found out they were pregnant I talked them into being maternity models for me. And then I was honored to take their oldest daughters newborn photos.

Fast forward again and we do Ava’s 6 month and 1 year portraits and then they found out they were pregnant with Sophie! Yay, more squishy babies to play with (and they’re so much fun to play with – just the smileist little buggers)

So when Kim called again and need updated pics of the girls, we decided on a studio session because the weather was not doing us any favors. Best decision ever!!! These two were a hoot! Big sis was not so much about being alone in the photos but little sis had zero problems laughing and smiling (and generally non stop movement).

We had a blast working our way through the outfits her mom brought as well as raiding my client closet for outfits to play with. Headbands, rompers, dresses – you name it, we tried it. Little sis was the perfect little model (while big sis played in the play room right off my shooting area)

With fall family photo frenzy starting, my next month will be spent outside which is good because my studio is under renovation! I can’t wait to start studio sessions again in November – in a brand new space! Ready to book a studio milestone session? Let’s chat! hello@kloeppingphotography.com and I’ll be in touch.

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