Summer Family Session

I know that when people think of family portraits (at least around here) they think Fall. Did you all know it’s possible to take a family portrait at other times of year too? In fact, some of my favorite sessions ever were either Summer or Spring. There’s such wonderfully yummy light in summer. The days are long and the golden hours are beautiful!

This family is on my family plan so I get to see them a lot (and I totally love it!). They have their sessions scheduled for Summer and Fall to match their kiddo’s birthdays. While it’s becoming a challenge to find new and interesting places to have sessions, it’s never a challenge to get these two little munchkins to smile. I’ve known them since they were babies so they know the drill and always give me their best.

The best part are the hugs that I get when I see them (and before they leave!). This is from last years summer session – I’ll share this years in a few weeks!

Want to capture your family milestones? Consider the Family plan!! It gives you 2 or 3 sessions across the year (you pick) and they can be anything! Summer fun? Fall Portraits? what about a holiday baking session? The options are endless!!

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