Sophie is 9 – A Camping Themed Birthday!

I love birthday parties!  What’s not to like? Good food, fun games, and sugar!!  But, you know how it goes.  You plan and plot and scour the internet (or your own head if you’re one of the lucky few with that creative gene) for ideas.  In some cases planning your child’s birthday is right on par with planning your wedding when it comes to how much we stress.  Then, as the event unfolds – everything is perfect but you’re so wrapped up in execution (and hopefully enjoying your event) that you forget to take any pictures of your hard work.  Well, don’t let that happen to you.  Hand off the camera to a friend or family member and make them the designated picture taker!

I was happy to be that designated picture taker for Sophie’s party!  Her mom did an awesome job on all the details of her camping themed party – from lakes side setting to the fleece blanket favors to the s’mores cupcakes and the wooden cake tree (Homegoods is your friend!).  She even had a few little a-frame tents set up for decorations. The whole thing looked like it stepped straight out of a magazine!

Judging by how fast my kids crashed after they got home (we only came home as the sun was setting!) I think a great time was had by all!


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