Summer Family Sessions | Ashburn Family Photographer

Fall always tends to be the busiest time of year for family photographers. Everyone needing those holiday card photos and what not. But did you realize that summer sessions are where it’s at?? I love me a summer family session or two. I know it can be hot sometimes but summer has the best light and the days are so nice and long. The trees are green and there are a plethora of flowers and other foliage to create the perfect backdrop.

This family always has a summer session with me (and fall!) because they have birthdays in both seasons. We plan the photo session either early in the morning (gahhhh sunrise sessions are amazing!) or later in the evening right before the sun sets. There’s just something about being outside as the sun begins to set and the crickets, cicadas and frogs start to wake up and start their songs. The air is cooling and often there’s a slight breeze. Ahhh…now I’m longing for summer again (winter finally hit us today!).

Don’t wait till fall for those family portraits! There are just as many wonderful opportunities in those June/July/August months! Ready to book? I’m offering $100 off through the end of December on 2020 sessions!!! Request a session today!!

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