Super Action Heroz…

This week is heroes week at my son’s school so it reminded me of this awesome set of images from a few weeks ago at my house.  My kids were playing outside with the neighbor kids when all of a sudden they disappeared into the house.  About 10 min later they emerge as this motley band of super heroes.  I love that it was spontaneous and totally unprompted.  I think they ran in for something else but stumbled upon the massive bin of costumes that we keep for dress up and decided that this would be more fun instead.

The princess in front there is a warrior princess with her sai and cape:)  The turtle is my little girl in her brothers halloween costume from this past year (she could have picked a princess or Minnie but she chose the turtle instead).  The ninja on the right is my boy and the Hulk is our neighbor boy.

Hulk decided it would be fun to ride down the street in full garb on his bike.  The neighbors must have thought we’d totally lost it.  Later the older son wanted to join in but we only had toddler sized costumes so he fashioned a rather hilarious mash up of princess skirt, elephant mask and a chef’s hat (which i’m not sharing to save him the embarrassment:) )

I’ve mentioned it before – maybe not on here but I know I’ve said it a ton – I love my neighborhood.  We have the best bunch of neighbors and plenty of children who all love to play outside.  Our house tends to be the collection point for now since we have the playset.  As they grow I know that will change so I’m cherishing it while we have it.

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