A Fathers Day Outing..

There are some perks living a bit further out from the city (which make up for the commute).  One of which is having closer access to some of Northern Virginia’s wineries and breweries.  We’d heard about Quattro Goomba’s from a number of friends who raved about their pizza and wine and figured Fathers day was a great day to try things out.

Goomba’s has a winery, brewery, and a pizzeria on site.  They serve a traditional Sicilian style pizza at Quattro which is unlike anything I’ve had around this area!  In addition to the pizzas they have a rad wine slushie which was quite tasty on the hot day we had.  They also serve their wines at the pizza shop making it the perfect stop for a picnic.

On the other side of the property they house a brand new craft brewery.  Because of VA laws, the wine and beer can’t mingle so while our pizza was baking we took about 20 steps over to the brewery side for a few tastings.  We were all quite impressed by the selection and of course the taste.  I actually want to head back to spend a bit more time in the brewery side when we get a chance.  They do have growlers for take out if you choose.

Once our pizza was ready (they texted us to let us know!) we grabbed a table to dive in.  The property is situated so that you are right next to their open fields so the kids could run like crazy while we enjoyed our food and wine.  The grounds were beautiful and buzzing with activity (they are perfect for a family photo shoot oppy..hint hint hint).  You can bring a picnic lunch from home if you choose and find a spot on their greens to enjoy (you could make it a day..photos while you wait for your pizza and then relaxation as the kids burn off some energy).

We’ll be going back often I have a feeling! If you’re in the NoVa area you should make an effort to try it – just up rt. 15 about 2 miles north of rt.50.


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