New Blog Feature | Ashburn Family Photographer

I’m super excited to be joining up with a incredible group of photographers from across the world (yes, world!) to bring you the 6 on 6. 6 of our favorite images from the last month coming to you live on the 6th of every month! At the end of my post I’ll share a link to another one of the photographers in our group and I encourage you to follow the link and join in for their 6 on 6.

For me the images will span both client and personal and at the moment don’t really follow a theme other than my 6 favorites (how in the world will I pick those 6! I have so many favorites!.

This month I have two from my Lia’s tea party, two from Easter and then two from my client sessions (look for those blogs soon too!) And once you’re done looking through here, head on over to Thuvan’s blog and check out her 6 on 6!


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