4 Weeks New | Ashburn Newborn Photographer

At the end of last year I had a wave of awesome newborns.  All boys.  All adorable and squishy.  This little man happens to be the son of my co-worker.  A very generous group of  team members went together and purchased a gift certificate for him for my services.  He was a bit older by the time we were able to arrange his session but that’s no problem:)

While I prefer to photograph your little one in the first 10 days or so, I’ve done “newborn” sessions up to about 6 weeks old.   Often times we have to adjust a bit because they won’t do the super curly poses or won’t tolerate being folded up like they were in the womb but we can still get so many great images.

Like these.  This little dude loved being wrapped up and slept like a champ as long as he was wrapped.  Being a newborn photographer means you have to be flexible and creative.  Each baby is so different!  I try hard to keep a consistent flow for my sessions but many times the baby has other ideas and that’s totally fine.  I follow their queues.

For this session we kept it short – two drops and a few wraps then then the one basket.   We even managed to get a few with his eyes open towards the end.  He was such a sweet little man.

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