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At the start of 2019 I set some goals for Kloepping Photography. They included typical things like – book more session:) . But also a few things like get certified/accredited, get published/awarded, and attend more workshops.

Well, I managed a few of my goals for the year and I’m super proud. If you take a look at my site footer you’ll see a few new pieces of bling. I have two certificates from The Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International (APNPI)

The first certification is in Newborn Safety. This one focuses on basic newborn safety during sessions and requires you to demonstrate that you understand how to keep the baby safe at all points during the session. This includes knowing when to use spotters and composites and recognizing signs of an uncomfortable baby etc. It’s a privilege to display this one on my site.

ANPI Certified Newborn Photographer

The second badge is also from APNPI and it’s the Qualified Newborn Photographer. The Qualified Newborn Photographer Application Process involves both the submission of imagery to the categories of lighting, camera functions, artistic composition, range of scenarios, and the client gallery as well as completion of my business details (to ensure we’re running legal and insured businesses).

Qualified Newborn Photographer

 I also submitted my images to a number of contests and reviews and while I have some work to be able to stand up with some of the top talent in the world I am proud that 3 of my images were selected for the National Association of Professional Child Photographers as part of their Top 100 Inspired Gallery Event in Atlanta!

And lastly, I went all-in on the 2019 Shoot and Share Photo contest! Every year at the start of the year it sucks up all my free time in picking just the right 50 and then voting until all hours of the night. The talent in the contest is freakin insane. Just be in company with all that talent is humbling! This year I did better in some ways and not in others. I’m super excited for the 2020 contest to launch in the spring!!

It was a pretty epic year for so many reasons and 2020 is shaping up to be another one. A new studio, I renewed focus and new partnerships. I can’t wait to see where we are at the end of the year!!!

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