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Mobile Newborn Photographer? That’s Me! | Aldie Newborn Photographer

Being a photographer that works primarily in natural light doing maternity, newborn, and family portraits I don’t actually have a formal studio.  For my maternity and family portraits we’re often outside at a park or urban area and making the best out of what nature can supply lighting wise.  For my newborn clients I come to you so that you can relax in the comfort of your own home while your baby has their first photoshoot!

A Mermaid Themed Bash…

This past weekend we celebrated my little Lia’s 3rd birthday.  Having a summer birthday has its perks – namely the ability to do an outdoor party and a requirement for a water attraction of some sort.  Since her birthday the last two years ended up while we’re on vacation I was determined to get a party in this year for her.

First things first I rented the waterslide which then set off the theme (because what’s a party without a theme…damn Pinterest:)).   I tossed around a few waterish ideas and landed on mermaids (mostly because I really wanted to make those jellyfish!).  A few more Pinterest searches later and the clamshell cookies, seaweed walls and edible sand were born.

For the cake I decided to keep with my tradition of ordering blank cakes (because I can’t bake one to save my life) and decorate it myself.  I knew I needed a mermaid, some water and sand.  A quick search for edible sand and we were set (toasted coconut, graham crackers, white sugar powered in the food processor) .  The water was some blue sugar sprinkles I found at the grocery store.  And in a last min stroke of genius (or insanity) I decided to try my hand at fondant for the mermaid.  Armed with a few youtube videos and a few colors of fondant from Michaels the mermaid cake topper took shape.   A few left over white chocolate shells and we had her cake.  I’m pretty proud of my masterpiece.

The best part of the day (aside from the slide) was her face while we sang happy birthday to her.   She went through excitement, terror, bashfulness and embarrassment back around to pride and pure joy.

It was an exhausting day but so worth it to see how much fun was had by everyone!


Under the Sea Cookie – Beau Monde Bakers
Mermaid and Pirate photo props – my mom
Jelly Fish –
Clamshell Cookies – purely pinterest where I cobbled together a few ideas
Backyard Slide –